Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The "threat" of a Hillary victory

With regards to the Hillary Clinton factor in '08 presidential politics (see my Feb. 23 post), it appears that there are four camps:
Those who like Hillary and think she can win.
Those who like Hillary but think she can't win.
Those who dislike Hillary and think she can't win.
Those who dislike Hillary but think she will win.
One noteworthy member of the latter camp is Dick Morris, the one-time Bill Clinton pollster who was forced to quit in the middle of the '96 campaign after being exposed as a prostitute's john. Morris used to be in the I-like-Hillary camp (see page 39 of his '97 memoir: "The more often people heard Hillary speaking out for her beliefs, the better they would like her...she is a sound, practical thinker"), but has since moved to the I-dislike camp in more recent books and in the column he writes for a Capitol Hill weekly. He can be quite obsessive about Hillary, calling her a faux moderate and riffing about her sexuality. No doubt his banishment from the Clinton inner circle had absolutely nothing to do with his conversion.
In any case, today he does offer an intriguing argument about why he thinks she'll win in '08 (a scenario which he nevertheless views as a threat to the republic), and, more significantly, his belief clashes with the predictions offered by President Bush and Karl Rove in "Strategery," the latest pro-Bush book hot off the conservative presses.