Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Your homeland protectors in action

More shenanigans at everybody's favorite agency, the Department of Homeland Security.
I suppose that if deputy press secretary Brian Doyle could not be reached for comment, this is what he was apparently busy doing.
The creepiest part of the report is that he was arrested last night while "awaiting what he thought was a nude image of a girl who had lymphoma." But what's most disturbing is that he was allegedly willing to disclose the name of his employer, as well as his government-issued cellphone number, to an Internet contact whom he thought was a naked underage girl. Sounds like that behavior (tracked by an undercover detective, posing as a girl) could be considered a homeland security breach.
By the way, this arrest of a Homeland Security official is not to be confused with this week's scheduled trial of another Homeland Security official, Frank Figueroa, who has pleaded innocent to charges that he exposed himself to a teenage girl in 2005 at a Florida mall. He's on suspension at the moment. He's the former chief of the department's program to combat child predators. No further comment is required.