Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Party on!

Barring some unexpected, earthshaking news (President Bush declares, "It's all my fault that Iraq is a disaster of historic proportions," or Hillary Clinton declares, "The American people are sick to death of Bill and me, so therefore I will not run in 2008"), I don't plan to post again until next Tuesday, Jan. 2. Hey, it's the holidays.

Meanwhile... in my final '07 Sunday print column, I did explore what I consider to be the Democrats' prime political challenge of 2008: the need to demonstrate to swing voters that the party is serious about defeating global terrorism. Indeed, many Democrats are talking about this, as evidenced here, here, and here.

Meanwhile II...an emailer argued this morning that Hillary will be thwarted in '08 because the American people are tired of voting all the time for Bushes and Clintons. Which brings to mind a great trivia question: When was the last time that neither national ticket featured a Bush or a Clinton? Answer: It was so long ago, disco music was hip. We're talking 1976.

Anyway, see you in the new year. Party on!